Sunday, January 4, 2015

Our Propsal Story!

Oh how I've told this story a thousand times, but I'll be telling it the rest of my life, so I better get used to it!

But for now, I'm going to write it here, so lovely people of the internet can be in on the story too! What story is that, you ask? Its the story about how my girlfriend proposed to me!

I have a video on my Youtube Channel about the day leading up to the event, so I'm just going tell you about the actual proposal.

We went on a horse drawn carriage ride in St. Augustine, Florida, which if you haven't been, its absolutely beautiful. This time of year they have their Christmas lights up, and it's just breath taking. St. Augustine has a couple of what they call "love trees," which are palm trees that seem to have grown in the middle of another tree, picture below.
 Now, there are three of these trees in Downtown St. Augustine, but only one is deemed "The Love Tree" by society, and Catherine. On the tour, our guide/driver said on the third one, we would be able to get out an take pictures! We go on the tour, he tells us about the city, its rich history, a few jokes, and a bunch of wedding venue details. Now, I just thought he was telling us about wedding venues in St. Augustine because it's a popular place to get married! Little did I know, he's the carriage driver that gets all the couples who are doing marriage proposals, but I digress.

We pull up to the third "love tree" and our driver starts saying how he has done 70 marriage proposals, most in front of the love tree, and he hasn't seen anyone decline yet. We stop in front of the tree, and he says, "the best part about it, is that there is usually one person that has no idea of what is going on..." He then turns around, looks at me, looks at Catherine, looks at me again, and back at her, and then turns back around and continues the tour. Now, I thought it was odd, and it started to feel awkward... but I let it slide. (You see, Catherine missed her cue! But its okay... she improvises later in her state of almost-panic).

The tour continues, he tells us about Flagler College and it's history, and more about wedding venues and such. When the tour was over, he pulled up to the curb, and Catherine ripped the blanket off of us, took the Coke bottle I had out of my hand and ushered me out of the carriage, all in a matter of seconds. She then put the Coke bottle back in the carriage! I was about to get SO upset with her, we are adults... we can throw away our own trash! I turn around to grab the Coke bottle, and turn back around at her to shoot her a nasty look, only to find her on one knee!

I instinctively ask ".... what are you doing...?" which apparently threw her off of whatever she was about to say. After getting through a few "uhs" and "ums," she asked me to marry her!

Of course, I said yes!!

After both of us internally freaking out and fighting back tears of happiness, we apparently took pictures in the carriage. ( I don't really remember doing so, but we did!) 

On our way back to our car, she started telling me her MONTHS of planning, and telling me that literally EVERYONE knew what was happening... and then it all made sense. Looking back, there were MAJOR clues that she was going to propose, and I still giggle to myself about it.

That is the story about how she proposed to me!
What was your proposal story?

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