Sunday, November 16, 2014

Day Zero Project!

Years ago I was on the train of attempting to complete a 101-in-1001 list on livejournal. I tried to find my original post, but I guess my livejournal account was inactive for too long, and was deleted (what a pain!!).
Anyways, I wanted to create a new list of goals to complete, some major, some minor, and actually follow through with them!
To keep myself accountable, I am going to be blogging about my experience of each one, and for a majority of them, upload videos to my Youtube channel (shameless self promoting here). If you haven't seen my channel, check it out here!
On my channel, I have a video about my "hobbies," and how I start a new hobby, and then one day just stop doing it. I am hoping, by making my goals public to everyone on the internet machine, that I can hold myself accountable for actually following through with these goals, and the project overall.
Without further ado, here's my list of goals.
Day Started: October 27, 2014
Day to Complete: July 27, 2016
Goals Completed: 6
Goals in Progress: 5

Self Improvement
1. Wake up before 8am. on work days.
2. Touch my toes with out bending my knees.
3. Find out my blood type.
4. Try Lyra.
5. Learn to boogie board.
6. Go to Vidcon or Playlist Live.
7. Write down 100 things that make me happy.
8. Answer the 50 questions to open your mind. Start here!
9. Take a dance class.
10. Try 5 new foods. (0/5)
11. Go back to school.
12. Find my new favorite wine.
13. Learn basics of a new language.
14. Try/do 5 things I don't like. (0/5)

15. Complete 30 day ab challenge.
16. Lose 20 pounds. (0/20)
17. Find my "signature" boots.
18. Color my hair purple.
19. Color "fringe" teal.  (I ended up coloring my "fringe" purple and my sidecut green!
20. Grow hair to boob length.
21. Buy flashy leggings.
22. Buy Jaws bathing suit.
23. Find a "signature" necklace .
24. Double conch piercing.
25. Get a new tattoo.

Experience with Catherine
27. Go to Sea World Orlando.
28. Go to Universal Studios.
29. Go to the Jacksonville Artwalk.
30. Visit San Diego.
31. Have a white Christmas.
32. St. Patricks Day in Savannah GA.
33. Go camping.
34. Go on a picnic.
35. Go on a haunted tour.
36. Ice Skate.
37. Go Wine Tasting.
38. Try Archery.
39. Take a swing dance class.
40. Take Christmas Pictures.
41. Fill mason jar of good memories and jokes. Currently in progress
42. Have a Harry Potter Marathon.
43. Fish all day.
44. Plan a date without telling her.
45. Complete 1000 peice puzzle.
46. Jump in a pile of leaves.
47. Plant a tree on Earth Day (4/22).

Media and Skills
48. Improve photography.
49. Buy good photo and video editing software.
50. Day in the Life blogpost.
51. 2015 365 project. Being done on my Instagram
52. Paint with light.
53. Improve my writing.
54. Blog regularly.
55. Youtube Q&A.
56. Take a painting class.

Doing things for others
57. Hand write 10 letters to people in California (0/10).
58. Bake 3 birthday cakes.
59. Buy from a local artist.
60. Give money to a street performer.
61. Give 100% tip.
62. Give home made candles as gifts.
63. Babysit for my cousin.
64. Post its in books at book stores.
65. Inspire someone.

66. Buy a car.
67. Buy new camcorder.
68. Buy a new gaming console.

Saving Money
69. Pay credit card debt.
70. Have 6 months in savings.
71. $10 in savings for ever completed goal.
72. See what my pokemon cards are worth.
73. Get health insurance.

For the Home <3
75. Have a vegetable garden.
75. Have a herb garden.
76. Purchase a good blender.
77. Master a dish (dinner or dessert).
78. Get internet.
79. Organize movie collection.
80. Make home made candles.
81. Complete 5 DIY projects from Pinterest. (2/5)
82. Quill C&S monograms.

83. Do Edward 40-hands with someone
84. Catch up on Walking Dead series
85. Read 10 books recommended to me. (0/10)
86. Read 10 books from my own curiosity. (0/10)
87. Read at least one book a month, even if previous reading goals fufilled. (0/33)
88. Read all Game of Thrones books
89. See a movie premier.
90. See ten "classic" movies. (0/10).
91. Go to a music festival.
92. See Kesha/Green Day/Fall Out Boy/Lindsey Stirling in concert.
93. Complete National Pokedex in either X/Y or ORAS.
94. Complete Sims Legacy challenge. Currently being posted on my Gaming Channel

95. Take Kimo running at least 1 time a week
96. Socialize Kimo
97. Have a doggie playdate
98. Touch a shark
99. Volunteer at an animal shelter
100. Adopt another pet
101. Write a new list
That's my list! I hope you enjoy it. Please stick around and accompany me on this journey!


  1. Thank you for commenting on my bucket list. You have a very interesting project started here. I think I might take you up on the challenge and create my own! Thanks for sharing!



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