Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My 2015 Goals

Well well, today is the last Tuesday of 2014, and the second to last day of the year! Isn't that exciting? Fun fact: 2030 is as far away as 2000.... 15 years. Oh how time flies. With each year coming to an end, and a new one about to begin, millions of people create their "New Years Resolutions." If you're someone who does that, awesome. If you're not some who does that, awesome. I've done it before, but lets be real, by the second week I've lost all hope and fall right back into my old habits. Because of that, I haven't made any New Years resolutions in a few years.
With that being said, I won't call these resolutions, but goals instead.


This year I have my Day Zero Project to work on. And yes, while I still have 95 things to do in the next 2 years, I wanted to share with you the handful I will be giving the highest priority.

51. Complete 365 Project
If you don't know what that is, a 365 project is a photo a day, uploaded to your media of choice. Mine will be my Instagram page. I will be starting on January 1st 2015 and ending December 31st 2015.

16. Lose 20 pounds
Ah yes, the typical "lose weight" goal. Now I have a bunch of things pinned on my fitness pinboard on Pinterest, so we'll see how much weight can be lost without a gym membership... Because nobody has time for that... At least not yet. With this goal, I will be also aiming to complete 16. Complete 30 day ab challenge, 1. Wake up before 8am on work days, and 95. Take Kimo running at least once a week

87. Read a book a month
I have failed miserably on this one, and I need/want to get back on track.

96. Obedience and socialization training for my dog
He needs it. He has bad dog anxiety, and there is a specific trainer in the area we are moving to that we want to work with.

Those are my top priority goals from my Day Zero Project that I will be working on in 2015. In reality, I will be trying for all of them, but these are my top priority!

What are your goals/resolutions for 2015?

Saturday, December 27, 2014

December Recap!

Well, its that time again, where I recap the month of December! Now on my Youtube channel, I'll be recapping my whole year as well as doing my December favorites. Both of those will be up in the next few days or so. Without further ado, here was my December in a nutshell!! (in no particular order) - I attempted and completely failed in my first Vlogmas. - my girlfriend and I went to my cousins ugly sweater party, and I brought some delicious enchiladas. - I completely organized my jewelry and makeup (if you want pictures of how I did that, let me know). - CHRISTMAS. - I became absolutely addicted to MAC lipsticks. - My laptop barely survived a two foot drop on tile. The hinge broke, and if I move to screen, it wants to fall apart. - My cousin had her baby!! He's so adorable!!! - My family and I drove down to see the lights in St. Augustine. I wish I had gotten pictures... But I'm going back next week, so I'll show you all pictures then! - I got the Keurig I've been dying for wanting, and an iPad mini! There were a few more things that happened, but this was the result of a ten minute brainstorm of events from the past month. Your turn!! What did you do in December?

Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Update!

I hope you all had a very wonderful Christmas!! I had a wonderful Christmas myself!! I spent my first Christmas with my moms side of the family, and it was really nice! My girlfriends mom joined us too, that was the first time and of our family met each other. 

We spent Christmas Eve at my grandparents house, opened a few gifts and had dinner. I was super excited that my mom was able to join us, working retail and all... So that was awesome. Christmas morning we went to my aunts house and had a delicious breakfast. She makes this breakfast pizza (best way to describe it is an omelette in pizza form), and a bunch of other delicious breakfast foods. Now to back track a little bit, my cousin had her baby on Monday and came home from the hospital on Christmas Eve. They were going to stay home on Christmas, but they ended up surprising everyone by  coming over for breakfast!! 

After breakfast and some chit chat, we opened our gifts. I got money from my grandparents, my dad and my moms boyfriend, and with that I bought an iPad mini (thank you everyone)! My aunt got me some herbs so I can start my herb garden (I can cross that off my Day Zero Project now!!). My mom got me the Keurig I've been wanting for what seems like all eternity, as well as some accessories and coffee to go with it. My girlfriend gave me this amazing pair of black boots. There were other things as well, but I don't want to seem like I'm bragging.

Next week is New Years! 2015..., I don't have any New Years Resolutions yet, do you? I don't know if I should seeing how I have my Day Zero Project that I'm working on, as well as starting a 365 project starting January 1st. 

Speaking of that, I will be posting my 365 project pictures to my Instagram, which you can see on the right of the web page here! 

My brainstorming for content for both my blog and my YouTube channel is going really well! I'm looking forward to all the posts and videos I have been planning!! 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

I've Been Absent And I Need Your Help (With This Whole Blogging Thing)

Don't be mad at me.
I haven't written anything in a week, but here's why.

I haven't felt like the content I planned was good enough to post, and I'd rather not post anything than give my readers bad content. If my heart isn't in it, I don't want to do it because it's not going to turn out the way it should.

I've been doing Vlogmas on Youtube, and to be honest I'm failing pretty hard core at it. I'm not a daily vlogger, and it's made me not want to even make normal videos.

Sure, I may vlog here and there, but daily vlogging isn't my thing, and I give props to those who can. What I've come to realize is that it it's pretty difficult.

This is what I am going to do:
There are only two and a half weeks of the year left, and with that time, I may or may not post things. If I do, they will most likely just be life updates. But what I WILL be doing is brainstorming really hard to create content for not only my blog here, but as well as my youtube channel. Within that two and a half weeks, I should have more than enough ideas to create really good content.

This is what I want you to do:
I want to know what my readers and viewers actually want to see from me. Do you want to see vlogs? Do you want videos like I have done before? Do you want beauty product reviews? Tell me what you want to see from me and I will work my hardest to meet your expectations.

I don't want to do this half assed. Half assed blogs and channels don't do anything for anyone, because they aren't worth anything.

Its an end of a year, and a start of a new one.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Ipsy and Vlogmas!!

I'm sorry I didn't write yesterday... Internet problems and I ended up getting busy.
This post is from my phone, so its gonna be short.

Anyways, a few updates:

I'm doing Vlogmas on my YouTube channel!! Its going pretty well too! Be sure to check it out!

I just subscribed to Ipsy!! I get my first box in January! If you don't know what Ipsy is, its a monthly subscription (such as Barkbox or Birch box) but with beauty products! Ive been watching unboxings on youtube for awhile now, so naturally I can't wait to get my first box!

Do any of you have an Ipsy subscription?

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Living With A Side Cut

Hello everyone!!!
     Today I wanted to talk a bit about hair! I wanted to talk about my hair... well, sidecuts actually. I get a lot of questions about mine, so I wanted to share some information about my sidecut and why I decided to get it for those who A) are curious and B) who are thinking about getting their own, and also some pros and cons of having a sidecut. 

     I got my sidecut about a year and a half ago. However, I didn't get it cut just on a whim. I went back and forth with it for what seems like forEVER before I decided to commit to it. My hair has always been my prized possession. I've never had it shorter than my shoulders (just above them was the shortest), and its always been between mid-back and mid-chest length) so having it shaved on the side was a big thing for me. I LOVE the look of sidecuts on any length hair, but wasn't sure if it was right for me.

     Now, there are ways to "fake" a sidecut, but it takes a lot of gel and finding a way to glue down bobby pins into your head to hold the hair down.... but it's still a good way to see if you like how it looks on you. 

     I had gone back and forth with it for about two years, and one night after my girlfriend came home from school, I asked her to cut it for me. I talked about it all the time to her (she says at LEAST once a week), so she was relieved that I  finally asked her to cut it. I'm not going to lie, I was terrified as she was cutting it. What if I don't like it? What if it looks different than the fake sidecut? How long is it going to take to grow back out? But there was no looking back. She sat me down, parted my hair and cut it off. Boom, it was done. Awesome. That was a year a a half ago, and I've loved it ever since!

Now for some Pros and Cons!
Pros: Sidecuts are awesome. They are easy to hide when your hair is down (and you're able to change your part), they can be incorporated into a LOT of different hair styles, sidecut can be short, kinda long or really long. I like mine kind of long.

Cons: They can't be hidden well if your hair is being worn up, can't hold bobby pins (unless your sidecut is longer). It will take time to grow back. 

Verdict: If you want to get a sidecut, do it!!

Below I have pictures of me and my sidecut, so you can see it in different styles.

Now, go get yours done!!

Monday, December 1, 2014

My Favorite Things About December

Happy December everyone! My favorite recycled twitter joke, "Today it's Christmas first!"
December, its the last month, it contains one of the best holidays all year (in my opinion), and its just so cheerful. Cold, but cheerful. With that being said, I wanted to share some of my favorite things about December with you!
Tiny string of LED lights be fancy

- It gets colder! Winter officially begins just before Christmas, so I don't feel bad for breaking out the boots, the hoodies and the scarves! Granted, it doesn't get too cold where I live, or where I grew up, but still cold enough to break out some cold-weather accessories!

- All the snuggles! I'm such a cuddler, and it's really hard to cuddle when its hot any other time of the year, its just downright uncomfortable. However, when it's cold, it makes it perfect cuddling temperature!

- Christmas lights are literally everywhere. People decorate their houses, businesses decorate their stores, the city decorates their downtown areas... its just beautiful! There's something about Christmas lights and decor that just make me so cheerful and happy!

- GLITTER IS EVERYWHERE, and that makes me happy. If glitter had a season, it would be winter. Christmas tree decorations are covered in glitter, you can buy (or make) wreaths that are glitter-clad, glitter makeup becomes all the rage...  I can wear glitter make up, and no one judges me.... as much. and don't even get me started on New Years! New years is all about glitter and confetti!! All the sparkles, all the glitter!

- VLOGMAS!! Many YouTubers participate in vlogmas every year. If you don't know what vlogmas is, its when someone makes daily vlogs (or close to daily vlogs) and upload them on their channel. It's a lot of fun to watch, and this is my first year participating!! Check out my YouTube channel here!

- CHRISTMAS (AND OTHER HOLIDAYS)! When you think of December, you think of Christmas (or any other holiday you celebrate in December)! And because Christmas and other holidays happen pretty much all at once, everyone feels extra generous. Now, only to get people to be just as generous and nice year round...

- As the year ends, I reflect about the year that has passed, and see how much my life has changed. This year, I had the biggest change I never expected, moving across the county.

All in all, December is a time of cheer and reflection. What do you like about December?