Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Living With A Side Cut

Hello everyone!!!
     Today I wanted to talk a bit about hair! I wanted to talk about my hair... well, sidecuts actually. I get a lot of questions about mine, so I wanted to share some information about my sidecut and why I decided to get it for those who A) are curious and B) who are thinking about getting their own, and also some pros and cons of having a sidecut. 

     I got my sidecut about a year and a half ago. However, I didn't get it cut just on a whim. I went back and forth with it for what seems like forEVER before I decided to commit to it. My hair has always been my prized possession. I've never had it shorter than my shoulders (just above them was the shortest), and its always been between mid-back and mid-chest length) so having it shaved on the side was a big thing for me. I LOVE the look of sidecuts on any length hair, but wasn't sure if it was right for me.

     Now, there are ways to "fake" a sidecut, but it takes a lot of gel and finding a way to glue down bobby pins into your head to hold the hair down.... but it's still a good way to see if you like how it looks on you. 

     I had gone back and forth with it for about two years, and one night after my girlfriend came home from school, I asked her to cut it for me. I talked about it all the time to her (she says at LEAST once a week), so she was relieved that I  finally asked her to cut it. I'm not going to lie, I was terrified as she was cutting it. What if I don't like it? What if it looks different than the fake sidecut? How long is it going to take to grow back out? But there was no looking back. She sat me down, parted my hair and cut it off. Boom, it was done. Awesome. That was a year a a half ago, and I've loved it ever since!

Now for some Pros and Cons!
Pros: Sidecuts are awesome. They are easy to hide when your hair is down (and you're able to change your part), they can be incorporated into a LOT of different hair styles, sidecut can be short, kinda long or really long. I like mine kind of long.

Cons: They can't be hidden well if your hair is being worn up, can't hold bobby pins (unless your sidecut is longer). It will take time to grow back. 

Verdict: If you want to get a sidecut, do it!!

Below I have pictures of me and my sidecut, so you can see it in different styles.

Now, go get yours done!!

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  1. As both the girlfriend and hairstylist in this story, I ask that you consider any cowlicks, swirl patterns, and overall hair growth patterns when getting a side cut. I linked Stephanie's side cut to a swirl she has on the side of her head when I parted it originally, so she has a better ability to hide the side cut. So part your hair in different areas to see how it falls. Also keep in mind getting a side cut done with clippers will give you a more shaved look, as well as those hairs sticking straight out as clippers cut completely straight. Getting a side cut done with scissors allows for a softer look, since the blades of the scissor slightly bend the hair cuticle before it cuts, and if the partings are off, can be more forgiving with growing back out, and recreating.


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