Monday, November 10, 2014

Getting My Dog a Kong Toy Was the Best Decision Ever...

Hello friends! So as all of you probably know, I have a dog. If you don't, hey, just so you know, I have a dog! I want to tell you all why getting a Kong toy for him was the best decision I've ever made.
This dude right here.

Handome devil isn't he? His name is Kimo (like Kemosabe), and he's a 3 year old Boston Terrier. Let me tell you some back story about us in case you don't already know!
My girlfriend and I got him July of last year. We were on the search for a smaller dog (about 20-30 pounds, no more, no less) and we found this booger online. After some back and forth with his previous owner, we took him home! The only thing we knew about him was that he was the familys second dog, the first being a teacup Yorkie), and several kids under the age of twelve. They said he didn't get along with the Yorkie (but come on, not even Yorkies like Yorkies). We later discovered that he's not a dog friendly dog. He doesn't really know how to behave around them, but we are currently looking into different trainers to help with that.
He was a big mooch, and dang is he quick when food hits the floor. Again, he was used to getting table scraps from all the human devil spawn kids, so after some time, we alleviated that too... somewhat.  He loves people, cautious around most children, but loves pretty much everyone who wants to give him love. And oh boy, does he love couch cuddles. He loves sleeping on the couch, cuddling on the couch... and the bed, and everywhere. We don't allow him on the bed anymore because he takes up more room than we do, and he snores louder than any man I've ever heard. 

    Let me get to the point of this post, because I could go on for hours about this dog. When Catherine and I are doing our own thing on the couch, like playing on the computer, phone, A.K.A not playing with our dog, he does one of two things; thrashes about with his ropes so loud that we have to give him attention because its just so funny, or, stare at us until we let him on the couch. Not just like a stare across the room, no, he will sit at the foot of the couch and stare at you like he's looking deep into your soul to see who you were in a past life. He doesn't understand the concept of "go lay down." 
He also knows when Catherine and I are leaving for work, and sulks in a corner, and acts like he's in trouble the entire morning. It was adorable for the first few times, but then I started to feel terrible, Getting him a dog friend would cause so many more headaches than we have time to deal, a few weeks ago we decided to get a Kong toy for him. If you have a dog and don't know what/who Kong is, you're in for a treat (no pun intended)! Kong makes toys that are long lasting and can resist the constant chewing, even for extra large dogs! The most recognizable toy they have is this wonky thing here:

You put a treat in it, either from Kong, or your own, and it keeps the dog busy for a while. You can put their normal treats in there, hell, even peanut butter.  If your dog isn't food driven, this probably isn't the toy for them, but what dog doesn't like peanut butter.It keeps them super busy while they try to get the deliciousness out of there!
We put a long lasting treat in there before we leave in the morning, and when we are home at night, we put some Kong cookie treats in there, which also keeps him busy and helps us not feel like we are being stalked. A win win for everyone! 
In the comment section below, tell me about your dog :)

I hope you all enjoyed! 

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