Monday, December 1, 2014

My Favorite Things About December

Happy December everyone! My favorite recycled twitter joke, "Today it's Christmas first!"
December, its the last month, it contains one of the best holidays all year (in my opinion), and its just so cheerful. Cold, but cheerful. With that being said, I wanted to share some of my favorite things about December with you!
Tiny string of LED lights be fancy

- It gets colder! Winter officially begins just before Christmas, so I don't feel bad for breaking out the boots, the hoodies and the scarves! Granted, it doesn't get too cold where I live, or where I grew up, but still cold enough to break out some cold-weather accessories!

- All the snuggles! I'm such a cuddler, and it's really hard to cuddle when its hot any other time of the year, its just downright uncomfortable. However, when it's cold, it makes it perfect cuddling temperature!

- Christmas lights are literally everywhere. People decorate their houses, businesses decorate their stores, the city decorates their downtown areas... its just beautiful! There's something about Christmas lights and decor that just make me so cheerful and happy!

- GLITTER IS EVERYWHERE, and that makes me happy. If glitter had a season, it would be winter. Christmas tree decorations are covered in glitter, you can buy (or make) wreaths that are glitter-clad, glitter makeup becomes all the rage...  I can wear glitter make up, and no one judges me.... as much. and don't even get me started on New Years! New years is all about glitter and confetti!! All the sparkles, all the glitter!

- VLOGMAS!! Many YouTubers participate in vlogmas every year. If you don't know what vlogmas is, its when someone makes daily vlogs (or close to daily vlogs) and upload them on their channel. It's a lot of fun to watch, and this is my first year participating!! Check out my YouTube channel here!

- CHRISTMAS (AND OTHER HOLIDAYS)! When you think of December, you think of Christmas (or any other holiday you celebrate in December)! And because Christmas and other holidays happen pretty much all at once, everyone feels extra generous. Now, only to get people to be just as generous and nice year round...

- As the year ends, I reflect about the year that has passed, and see how much my life has changed. This year, I had the biggest change I never expected, moving across the county.

All in all, December is a time of cheer and reflection. What do you like about December?

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