Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Weekend Fun!

Wow what a weekend!

Catherine and I had a weekend off together for the first time since we moved here to Jacksonville. Yeah, we've had random days off, but we didn't have a Saturday AND Sunday off together. I want to recap this wonderful weekend for you!

Friday Night- Friday  night was the start of the epic weekend. After work, we went home, gathered our stuff for the weekend and our dog, Kimo, and went over to my cousins house. We got her caught up on the last of season four of Game of Thrones. STEPHANIE PRO TIP: Don't watch episode 8 before you go to bed if you don't want to go to bed angry. We ended up watching Game of Thrones until 3 a.m before being unable to watch anymore out of pure exhaustion.  

Catherine being cuddled by Kimo and myself

Saturday- Being able to sleep until 11 a.m is needed from time to time, but the best part was waking up to cinnamon rolls! (Thank you Chelsea!) After some more visiting, Catherine and I took Kimo to Alpine Groves Park in Jacksonville, and it was BEAUTIFUL. Trees were huge, bugs weren't around, and there was a little festival going on, what a nice surprise! Kimo really enjoyed it, he doesn't get out much unfortunatley due to his lack of socialization from before we got him, but that is definitely changing soon. Kimo also got a bunch of new stuff, and his first Kong toy! Getting home, we relaxed and watched some movies. Kimo passed out from all the fun he had!

Sunday- After sleeping in some more (again, much needed for the both of us), we took our time getting ready for the day. I am on the hunt for any mismatched teacups for candle making, so we went to different thrift shops to hunt some down as we worked our way down to my aunts house for the Walking Dead gathering we have created between half the family. We only managed to find two, which we know exactly who they are going to :)
That was our fun weekend, what did you do this weekend!?

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