Friday, November 28, 2014

November 2014 Recap!

Hello everyone! I hope you had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving, and if you went Black Friday shopping, I hope you were nice to the retail employees. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at my aunts house, so much food and so much family time! It was the first Thanksgiving I've ever had in Florida with this side of my family!
All the deliciousness!
Well, its the last Friday in November! What does that mean? Time for a November Recap!
I'm going to quickly cover the things I did this month!
I wish I had taken more pictures, that's definitely a habit I have to be better at. Hopefully in December I'll take more pictures of my outings and what not... so without further ado, lets recap November!

- My crazy leggings came in the mail! Mermaid leggings and galaxy leggings!! This also allowed me to cross the first thing off of my Day Zero Project!!
- Went to the midnight release of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.
- My family and I went to see Mocking Jay part 1 the day after it came out... it was amazing!!
- I went to my cousins baby shower!
- I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family.
- Catherine and I put up our adorable Christmas Tree!
- Went to Books-A-Million and finally bought some books for my Day Zero Project

These are the videos I uploaded to my YouTube channel this month!
Video: California vs. Florida Living
Video: Things I Am Good At
Video: Black Friday and its Supporters

Some of my favorite Instagram pictures from November

1. Omega Ruby Case!
2. Mermaid leggings with a spying dog.
3. Selfie because I need more.
4. Over saftey man!! I'm glad he's wearing so much gear.
5. This is how you know its Christmas season in our house.
6. Video editing with wine!

What am I looking forward to in December?
A lot, actually! I am looking forward to Christmas, of course. I am also looking forward to New Years Eve/New Years because not only will it be the beginning of a brand new year, but I actually get to go to St. Augustine with my girlfriend, and we get to do tourist-y things! I love being a tourist! I also have some videos and blog posts planned already, but not too much yet.... And I already can't wait to finish Divergent! As soon as I finish the book, I have to watch the movie... and of course read the other books.

I think that's it for the November Recap! Check out my channel tomorrow, I will be putting up a November Favorites video. You know, things that I am obsessed with and have been for all of November. See you then!!

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