Friday, November 14, 2014

Quest For The Perfect Red Lip: Lime Crime Review

For those of you who know me, and the rest are about to find out, I have forever been on a quest to find the perfect red lipstick. I have used many different brands, many different colors. Some I like, and some I don't. What I've discovered is that I am able to wear pretty much any color, any reds with any undertone, and have it look alright. However, I am looking for certain qualities of a lipstick. What are these qualifiers you ask?
 Must Be Matte.
      I want it to dry to a matte finish (preferred) or I can use translucent powder over it to make it matte. I can't stand the feel of gloss, and I hate how messy non-matte lipsticks are. I get it all over my teeth, straws, food, and my chin, no matter how careful I am.
Easy Application
        I hate waking up unnecessarily early to get ready for work. My every day makeup consists of simple foundation with slight contouring, a somewhat neutral eye with winged liner, and a bold red lip. Minus the red lip, I have this routine down to about 15 minutes, depending how my hands are handling my eyeliner. I want to find a red lipstick that I can apply quickly and have it look like I spent time doing it.

     Seems easy enough right? One would think. If you have seen my YouTube videos, you know I wear red lipstick in just about all of them. Chances are, they are different lipsticks. I buy many different lipsticks all the time, I almost have more lipsticks than eyeshadows (now thats a feat!).

What I want to do is take you on this quest while giving you reviews of different lipsticks I find.

Today I am going to be doing a review on the Lime Crime velvetine, Red Velvet!
     I first discovered Lime Crime because of my infatuation with Kesha. She has been using their blue lipstick for who knows how long. I found myself on their website one day, and I found their velvetines! At the time, they only had two colors, Red Velvet and Suedeberry. I loved the way their Red Velvet swatch looked, so I decided to do some research on YouTube. 
     I liked everything I heard from different reviews online. Its a true red, goes on like a gloss, dries matte, and even smells like cake!! I had to order one to test it out, and lo and behold, IT WAS AMAZING. I put it on as soon as I opened the box, and it did really smell like cake! All it took was one application to make it a nice red. No lipliner, no prepping, nothing. I was worried that it would feather since it goes on as a gloss, but its pretty thick and stays exactly where you put it. There is very little transfer, I would consider it a kissable lipstick. It comes with the applicator, but I like applying with a brush instead, allows for better precision (yay lip rings and wonky upper lips). The only thing(s) I didn't like about it was there wasn't enough in the tube for my every day use! I wear a red lip almost every day, and using this daily made it last for about a month and a half, and with a $20 price tag, it can get expensive.... but totally worth it.

PROS: Goes on as a gloss, dries matte. No feathering. Smells like cake. Survives a messy meal (burgers, noodles, etc). Comes off easily with makeup remover.
CONS: Chips in center after several hours wear. Dries out lips (since it dries matte). Not a lot in the tube.

Overall, its an amazing lipstick, one I would give an A! 

But of course, I can't stop there... I must find more lipstick...     

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