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Quest for the Perfect Red Lip | Lip Tar Review

For those of you who know me, and the rest are about to find out, I have forever been on a quest to find the perfect red lipstick. I have used many different brands, many different colors. Some I like, and some I don't. What I've discovered is that I am able to wear pretty much any color, any reds with any undertone, and have it look alright. However, I am looking for certain qualities of a lipstick. What are these qualifiers you ask?

 Must Be Matte.
      I want it to dry to a matte finish (preferred) or I can use translucent powder over it to make it matte. I can't stand the feel of gloss, and I hate how messy non-matte lipsticks are. I get it all over my teeth, straws, food, and my chin, no matter how careful I am.
Easy Application
        I hate waking up unnecessarily early to get ready for work. My every day makeup consists of simple foundation with slight contouring, a somewhat neutral eye with winged liner, and a bold red lip. Minus the red lip, I have this routine down to about 15 minutes, depending how my hands are handling my eyeliner. I want to find a red lipstick that I can apply quickly and have it look like I spent time doing it.

     Seems easy enough right? One would think. If you have seen my YouTube videos, you know I wear red lipstick in just about all of them. Chances are, they are different lipsticks. I buy many different lipsticks all the time, I almost have more lipsticks than eyeshadows (now thats a feat!).

Full tube of STALKER. 
     What I want to do is take you on this quest while giving you reviews of different lipsticks I find. Today, I'm going to give you a review on Lip Tar from OCC Cosmetics.

     I have known Lip Tar for their crazy colors, but never considered to try their reds.  I have seen it online countless times, thank you Tumblr, mostly because I've also been on a quest to find a blue lipstick. I bought my first Lip Tar lipstick at Sephora. They had different sample packs for about $18, which is about the price of a single tube depending which collection it is. The sample pack has two colors, the primer, and the lip brush applicator. Mine has the colors Stalker (red), and RX (blue), two birds with one stone ;)

     The first thing I noticed is that it is EXTREMELY pigmented. This made me very happy! It only took one drop on the brush to cover both my lips with good color. However, it does need to be shaken up from time to time because it has a tendency to separate. I applied Stalker once while it was separated and it wasn't as pigmented, but it didn't look terrible. I've only used RX once, and it was a true blue, which was also wonderful!
Picture Credit Stalker on the lips

     It goes on glossy, and it eventually somewhat dries to a shiny finish, but it does take a long time for it to dry. One thing I don't like about it, is that it takes time to apply. I have to do the application during different stages of my makeup routine which slows me down. I have to first apply the primer, let it dry some, and then apply the color. I like to add a layer of translucent powder over the color, it helps it dry faster, and gives it more of a matte finish. Even then, you have to be very precise with it because it is hard to fix mistakes. It feathers like no ones business. This can be sometimes avoided if you buy their colorless wax pencil, or the matching lip liner. The pencil works wonders, but its also pricey, and its just another step to add.

The best application that works for me is wax pencil, primer, let dry, red layer, translucent powder, light red layer, blot. This helps it last for HOURS without fading or (much) transfering.

TL:DR Wonderful lipstick if you have the time to apply it, and have the money to fork out the wax pencil, or the matching lip liner, to keep it from feathering.  It is not a quick application, so I wouldn't say its useful if you're in a hurry.
My blue!!!!!.... and a judging girlfriend :P

       Have you had any experience with Lip Tar? Do you have any advice for me or others? Have a specific brand/color you want me to review? Leave a comment below! Talk to you soon!

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