Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Guilty Pleasures!

Guilty pleasures, we all have them, here are my top 7 that I'm willing to admit.

1. Playing Pokemon
     I have played Pokemon since the games came out. Now, I forget if I watched the show first, or played the game first, but I've been playing the game since 1996. I still have the Red, Blue and Yellow version in my Game Boy case! I didn't play for a long long time, since the third generation, but I picked up a Nintendo 2ds and Pokemon X (6th Generation) a few months ago, and I am forever hooked again! I preordered the remake of the third generation, and it comes out next week! Hang around my Youtube channel, I'll be vlogging all about it!

2. Sims
     I never had the chance to own the first generation on PC, but I had every Sims PS2 game, and got Sims 2 on PC, and now I have Sims 3 with just about every expansion pack. I want to get the Sims 4, but I just can't justify 60 bucks for a base game. The game itself is just so fun. Make families, watch them succeed, light them on fire, or watch them suffer, depends on my mood that day!

3. Read gaming stories
     There are different stories that content creators write with Pokemon and the Sims. Pokemon has what is called a "Nuzlocke run", and the Sims has a "Legacy Family." Basic breakdown, Nuzlocke has certain rules you have to follow (if the Pokemon faints you can no longer use it, and you can only catch the first pokemon per area and it must be nicknamed). There are people who write stories and comics along with these, most of which are amazing. The Sims Legacy family, you start with one Sim you create as your "founder" and you have them marry, have kids, etc, and have the family line survive for ten generations. Its so much harder than it sounds. I know both of these sound weird, but hey, I like them. Nuzlocke rules and stories, and Sims legacy rules and stories.
3. Miley Cyrus
     Oh how I love Miley, always have and always will. She's a wild child, and is way out there, but when she is being real she is such a wonderful artist. People say she's a bad role model? I say its not her job to raise your kids.

4. Random Netflix documentaries
     If I have a day off to not do a thing, I turn to Netflix like everyone else. I don't really watch movies on Netflix, but instead I find random documentaries. The other day, I watched one about voice actors and one about bartenders! There are so many on there. I don't care how dumb they look, I'll end up watching it.

5. Dance in my kitchen
     This one sounds normal, like everyone does it. But, if I get caught doing it, I get way more embarrassed than I should be. I think its mostly because its not just "gonna shake my hips to the music," but instead I do the mediocre jazz and ballet I was trained in. Its not my fault I can do perfect chaine turns in my socks on the tile.

6. Cats and internet
      Because nothing says "something to do" while watching cats be unmajestic creatures on the internet.

7. Zoo tycoon
     As if Sims and Pokemon wasn't enough, I play Zoo Tycoon like no ones business. Build a zoo, have crazy animals, and turn velociraptors and lions loose on my zoo guests, its a party.

Those are my top seven guilty pleasures, I know most of them are dumb.... but they aren't to me!! What are some of your guilty pleasures? Let me know in the comments below! Follow my on BlogLovin, you can stay updated on my blog, and every other blog you want to follow, all in one place!
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See you soon!

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